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Financial struggles can often land real estate owners in deep water when it comes to making mortgage payments and keeping up with debts. Negotiating with your lending institution and having an experienced attorney to help you do so is often the most proactive and favorable option to help you overcome these issues.

When you meet with an experienced White Plains short sale attorney at The Law Office of Richard I. Golio during a foreclosure consultation, we will explain what the foreclosure process is and how we can be proactive in protecting your financial interests.

We represent buyers, sellers and financial institutions throughout Long Island, New York, and Connecticut in these complex issues, helping them find reasonable solutions build success. Richard I. Golio works directly with our clients to deliver personal service and advisory services that are built on substantial experience in real estate law.

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Westchester County Attorney For Foreclosure Alternatives

When a real estate owner is unable to make mortgage payments or fell behind in those payments, his or her lending institution may threaten to foreclose on that property. Depending on the circumstances, some people end up filing for bankruptcy, but there are alternatives to this debt relief method.

Negotiating with the lending institution to modify loans, use debt consolidation and reorganize payment plans, pursue a short sale or use a deed in lieu of foreclosure can help people reaffirm their loans or otherwise rid them of their financial problems without losing the value of their real estate.

In many cases, short sales are the most reasonable and effective method. You can take control of the situation as a homeowner, and banks are often far more receptive to this method than to individuals who have let their debts go unpaid for a long time.

Working with an experienced lawyer at our firm can give you the insight you need to preserve your wealth and your home.

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