Richard I. Golio is the leading attorney of The Law Office of Richard I. Golio in White Plains, New York. His career has been built on his acute understanding and talent for business investments and its correlation with real estate transactions.

Attorney Golio has practiced for more than 10 years throughout Long Island, New York, and Connecticut, helping buyers, sellers and financial institutions navigate the complexities of real estate law. He recognizes the importance of personal attention in these matters, as such high-dollar investments can be life-altering for his clients.

To this end, he remains highly responsive and straightforward with legal information, making sure that our clients understand the legal decisions they face and which options are most likely to be effective in achieving their goals.

To find out more about Richard I. Golio‘s career history, click on the link below. Our firm can also be reached directly online or by telephone at 914-517-0943 for a free initial consultation.