White Plains Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

An investment in commercial real estate is, in essence, a business investment. It is regulated by various codes and requirements under the law, many of which are difficult to translate from complex legal terms into applicable, actionable steps.

At The Law Office of Richard I. Golio, in White Plains, New York, we work directly with our clients to help them understand the various options available and the legal implications of each so they make well-informed decisions about investments.

Richard I. Golio has more 10 years of experience as an attorney, a large portion of which has involved working in White Plains commercial real estate law. His insight into the business aspects of real estate and how to effectively manage the success of an enterprise help our clients move projects forward efficiently while not compromising the quality of their decision-making.

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Westchester County Commercial Zoning Attorney

Commercial real estate throughout New York and Connecticut is highly regulated. Legal procedures are carefully managed by deadlines for inspections and issues like environmental testing. Having these tests done thoroughly and at the appropriate time is crucial to the development of any real estate project and missing a step can cause you to lose substantial funds to correct it.

We can answer your questions in a full breadth of commercial real estate issues, including:

  • Zoning and land use
  • Inspections
  • Environmental testing
  • Permits and certifications
  • Landlord-tenant issues for commercial leasing
  • Formation of business entities as related to commercial real estate
  • Financing issues representing borrowers or financial institutions

Working with an experienced lawyer at our firm can help you understand the regulations and zoning laws that can greatly influence your success in real estate.

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